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Cocktail List - Lista de Coctail

  In addition to our wide range of wines by the bottle or by the glass we also offer some classic cocktails.
We hope you will enjoy our selections


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Premium Cocktails

Gin Martini

The pure classic – Tanqueray Ten with a hint of vermouth and garnished with a twist

Vodka Martini

The other classic – Grey Goose with a touch of vermouth and garnished with olives


For tequila lovers, Jose Cuervo reposado tequila with triple sec and freshly squeezed lime juice

 Cocktails with a Theme

Ginger Martini

A variation on the classic vodka martini with an infusion of ginger and fresh lemon

Orange Margarita

A delightful variation on the classic margarita, with blood orange juice and cointreau giving a fresh orange twist

Pomegranate Martini

Citrus vodka combines with Cointreau and pomegranate juice to produce a refreshing cocktail

 Cava Concoctions


Vodka, triple sec and cranberry juice

Sapphire Martini

A base of Bombay Sapphire (what else?) gin is given a nudge with a hint of vermouth and Blue Curacao for added sapphire

Espresso Martini

A blend of strong espresso coffee with Grey Goose vodka that is a very pleasant digestif

Mud in your eye

Chilled Baileys with a shot of Jameson’s whisky for those have visited the Loterie!

Cava Cocktails

These cocktails are not Cava the bar, but Cava the drink.  Added to Pupitre cava are different ingredients to add a little more sparkle.

Cava Frambuesa

Cava with vodka, raspberry liqueur and a squeeze of lime

Cava Oporto

Cava and port actually go very well together!

Cava Melocoton

Peach schnapps and cava blend into a smooth refreshing drink


  Spirits * Liqueurs - Licores *  
  Gin: * Pacharan Las Endrinas    
  Larios 12   Noval Tawney Port    
  Bombay Sapphire   Taylor's 10 Year Old    
  Hendricks   Baileys    
  Tanqueray 10   Vermouth Rojo/Blanco    
  The Duke   Grappa Bocchino    
  Nordés **NEW**   Orujo de Galicia    
  Vodka: * Cointreau    
  Absolut   Aquardiente Ruchero Nispero    
  Absolut Citron   Various Liqueurs    
  Ciroc   Beers - Cervezas    
  Grey Goose   Warsteiner 20cl    
  Pinky Botanical **NEW**   Warsteiner 40cl    
  Whiskey: * San Miguel 1516    
  Johnny Walker Red   Kronenbourg 1664    
  Jack Daniels   Budweiser    
  Macallan 10 Year   San Miguel 0,0    
  Tequila: * Magner's Cider    
  Jose Cuervo   Guinness    
  Sauza   Yuste    
  Brandy: * Franziskaner Weißbier    
  Magno   Refreshments - Refrescos *  
  Boulard Calvados   Font Vella Sin Gas    
  Hennessey Select   Vivaris Con Gas    
  Rum:   Coca Cola/Light/Fanta/Sprite    
  Bacardi   Tonic / Soda    
  Havana Club Gold   Fruit Juices    
  Havana Club 7 Años        
  Barcelo Gran Añejo   Café *  
  * * Cafe Solo    
  * * Cafe Cortado    
  * * Cafe con Leche    
  * * Cafe Americano    
  * * Cafe Carajillo    
  * * Te (todos tipos)